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Imagine a world where money no longer exists. Poverty and famine has been removed from human existence because food, clothing and supplies have been shared around the world. The monetary system has been replaced with morals.


‘Theory” - A farmer grows and farms cotton because he has been given the supplies to do so and gives his cotton to the producers of fabric. They produce yarns, cloth and other goods and distributes them to tailors and stores. Clothes and products are made and eventually when you or I want/need clothes or products you take them as you require. All of this is without money OR a barter system. Greed and the power of wealth is also eliminated and we work to better ourselves. As a quote from Star Trek; 

“The acquisition of wealth is no longer the driving force of our lives. We work to better ourselves and the rest of humanity”.


If money is eliminated there is no need for cheap products. If there are no cheap products the products that we have and use we be much more functional and more reliable. One main reason that most products are updated onto the market is to sell more. Just small changes can make last years product obsolete and “So last year”. 

Keeping up with the latest trends is what is driven by the economy and sales of products. There is a Youtube video to explain:

The question some will ask is “why does anyone work if money is no longer needed?” The answer is to improve ourselves, to reach our potential and for the better for humankind. By working we support the human race to a more utopian society closer to perfection. We will no longer have to work five days (or more) each week to live. The working force can be shared more equally so everyone can contribute and live a more productive life. More time for family, hobbies, interests or exploration into scientific discoveries.


Crime will be reduced as there is no poverty or greed to drive criminal activity. Powerful leaders will only have their word and actions to have the control entrusted to them. They will not have the money to sway opinions, votes and control their way. Just their actions and faith from others. Corruption will be a lesser evil within man. 


The quality of products goes up making them more efficient and reliable, the need to make cheap/budget quality goods becomes obsolete reducing the amount of “throw away waste”.  We can all eat healthier foods, farm animals more humanly and use medicines that can benefit us, not just to fulfil the pharmaceutical companies profits. More research into the medical and scientific industries can be achieved and a better future for humanity.

Theorised by; ‪ ‪𝔘𝔫𝔲𝔟𝔦𝔰 (OCP) ~ 🪐🦉 ‬ 

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