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Wands of Barefoot Pip

# 1, A wand made from English ivy, smoothed and stained, then varnished. At the core of the handle is a feather from a Coquateal (Tomy feather) with a tumbled citrine gemstone at the end fitted with molding clay.

# 2, A hand sculptured wand made from Hibiscus stained and varnished with three coats for a beautiful finish. Inside the wand it has a core of Australian magpie feather, engraved with the makers name and a Bloodstone wrapped with sculpting clay at the end.

# 3, A fig tree branch, shaped and (Updated) engraved. The shape aids to the design adding elegence to the wand. Stained and varnished with a black cat (Moshou) hair at the core of the wand and a Faerie Quartz at the end fitted with Oak leaf shapped molding clay.

# 4, The main stem from a hibiscus tree using the branch stems to add shape. Phoenin hair (our cat) with a clear quartz crystal is at the core of the wand giving its magical power. With Moonstone and Florite at the end, wrapped with modeling clay and Engraved, stained and varnished with two coats to complete this piece.

# 5, A Hibiscus tree branch, shaped, engraved and sanded until smooth. At the centre is a dove and peacock feather nesteling a Clear Quartz crystal with a Rose Quartz at the end surrounded by clay leaves. This wand is owned by a healer.

# 6, A limb from our Hibiscus tree, shaped, engraved and sanded until smooth. With crow feather inside at its core and modeling clay in the shape of a snake holding a Tigers Eye crystal at the end, this wand is bound for greatness.

# 7, From an Australian gum tree, the curve of the limb has been incorporated into the flow of the wand. Engraved with runes spelling Chanel's name including the horse tune in her name as "E", Rune sign for "Woman" and Wicca symbol "Flight" symbolising higher knowledge, new learnings or success. BP (maker initials) and the rune for "Full moon", the closest stage of the moon at time of completion. It come swith a double lined drawstring bag for display or protection.

# 8, Limb from Hybiscus tree engraved with Rings rune (Creation of something new), Eye rune (To focus Psychic abilities), Star (inspiration and to be yourself), Makers rune and Full moon (date of creation) rune. Crow feather as it's core of magic with Amathyst crustal.

# 9, From fig tree to power of the 🌕 full moon at the Sumer Solstice. Engraved with The Moon rune (Changes and feminine energies), Earth rune, Makers rune and Full moon (date of creation) rune. Silver veins run from Moonstone to the end with Dove feather for the core.

# 10, Made for;

🌿 The witch of the forest 🌿 

A limb from the Fig tree with engravings and runes for special and personal meanings; 
Sun: To represent growth and happiness, strength and for invoking the Sun goddess's and gods. 
Star: The wishes rune. For desires, attraction and to meditate for luck and good fortune.
Moon: The symbol of Feminine magic and power. To invoke the Moon goddesses (and in my opinion the most powerful link to Magick).
And with the Taurus and Gemini symbols for power within and the rune for full moon (moon phase closest to completion) and the makers initials in rune.
The core has a Peacock feather and a quartz crystal bathed in the beauty of the full moon.

# 11, Made from the end of his mothers wand, our hair intwined in the core of the wand, special runes (3 rings for binding, Moon for the power of feminity and Fire rune for his element) for guidance and protection and a Faerie Quartz at the end.

A special wand for Jasper Forest Fae Gaskin 🔮

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