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❗️The Photographed Artwork Is For Demonstration Only And Does Not Reflect The Final Artwork By The Artists ❗️


Who We Represent

I have been painting in oils for about 16 years now, and enjoy depicting sky and water, as well as everything in between. 

I love the constantly changing play of light and shade on the landscape, and try to capture this in all my works. 

My other great love, is painting transport subjects, anything with wheels, anything that flies, anything on tracks.  

My working career was spent in graphic design with a strong association with the printing industry, running my own graphic design business. I undertook many illustration and painting commissions and this lead to my interest in working further in watercolour and oils. 

It is only more recently that I have had time to really develop my art, and am an active member of the Khandallah Art Group, the Marton Art Society, the Academy of Fine Arts, Fine Arts Wanganui Gallery, Feilding Art Centre, and Wai-Arts. 

Wellington is my home town, my formative years were spent in Eastbourne. I was educated at Wellington College, and have also studied in London. 

I have successfully exhibited at the NZ Art Show, Frames Gallery, Memelink Gallery, the Van Helden Gallery, Open Studios Whanganui, Fine Arts Wanganui Gallery, and have commissioned works in private collections throughout New Zealand, North America and the UK. 

Julie is an Australian born artist, resident in New Zealand since 2000. She completed, with honours, a course in Art and Design and has been painting for more than 20 years. Her classic approach to fine art has won her a number of Supreme and People’s Choice awards in regional art competitions in New Zealand and Australia.

Julie is a full time artist who works from her home studio/gallery in the Rangitikei. Alongside creating varied artworks for galleries and exhibitions, Julie always has a busy schedule of commissioned works. These have included bespoke pieces for individuals and families, large scale works and outside murals and most recently entire buildings for the Department of Conservation. 

She is predominantly asked to paint from people’s photos. In most cases this involves portraits and landscapes. Her works are often distinguishable by the attention to detail. Also what is evident in her work is her delight at capturing the yesteryear subject matter using the beauty of light and shadow to their extremes. 

Over the last eight years, she has gained notoriety in the North Island with her fine oil paintings on antique saw blades. These have become most popular with commissions ever growing. 

At this point she is enjoying the diversity of the larger oil paintings, incorporating more mood rather than magnified detail. This helps keep a balance with her more detailed smaller works.


Chloe Gaskin

Jewellery Designer

Hello, my name is Chloe and I am the owner/designer of Chloe's Faerie Jewellery. I am a self taught designer and I have been creating jewellery since 2004. I take inspiration from nature which is reflected in most of my pieces. 


I use high quality materials such as art beads, ceramic, vintage brass, gemstone, freshwater pearl, Czech glass and sterling silver in my designs. 

Most of my designs are customisable, so if you are looking for something specific I can make it for you.

John Archbold.jpeg

John Archbold


Julie Oliver.jpeg

Julie Oliver


Sam Lewry 02

Sam Lewry

Artist & Illustrator

Originally from the Kapiti Coast, Sam works from her studio in Marton NZ. Her art practice spans almost 10 years now and includes stylised landscapes in oils, fibre art, paper mache and illustrations.
Sam has a background in graphics and design, inspired by nature she started painting again back in 2009 while based in Napier, Hawke’s Bay.

Lorraine Barnett.jpg
Amanda Win.jpeg

Amanda Win

Mosaic Artist

Craig Hooker

Gaye Downing - Artist.jpg

Gaye Downing


An oil painter who loves to paint NZ native birds among other subjects including horses, still life and portraits. Commissions welcome :)

Sharon Gordon

Lorraine Barnett

Clay Artist

Craig Hooker.jpg


Sharon Gordon.JPG


Clay is a very expressive pastime for me. I have been potting since 1982 and it still challenges me when I least expect it.

The creative flow is quite internal, often coming forth when I need to loose myself.


I  make for me, if you like it that is fabulous! Maybe it’s therapy, a lot of lifes emothions go into my clay work. You may not see it exactly but it will be there. Part of my heart has gone into each piece.


I enjoy working with clay I have recycled, it pleases me that I can take my dry clay and reconstitute it and work with it again. The environmental protector side of me coming out.


Taking something maliable, working it, firing it turning it to stone, forever here…

Craig has exhibited and sold paintings throughout New Zealand, and  to private collectors overseas. 

Craig’s style can be described as being disciplined and representational and much of his work draws upon his talent for drawing.  

Most of Craig’s artwork is undertaken in oils onto board as this suits both his style and painting process. 

Because Craig usually works in his studio from a digital image, he is available to undertake commission work.  

He welcomes enquiries.

Leese Archbold.jpeg

Lise Archbold


Kylie Wardlaw photo.JPG

Kylie Wardlaw


I love colour, abstraction and the process of painting. I like to paint in a spontaneous way, experimenting with texture and layers. When I paint from nature I like to interpret the subject in a free, instinctive and emotive way.


Winner of the Yellow Pages Arts Scholarship 2003 - Manawatu phone book cover with acrylic on board painting entitled "hills, river, plains"

Finalist, Yellow Pages Arts Scholarship, 2002

Winner of the Manawatu Art Award (oil/acrylic prize) 2001

Gaynor Mulholland.jpg

Gaynor Mulholland 


Mega cities around the world is where  most of my adult life has been spent. I have been back in New  Zealand for the last 10 years. I paint to bring some order, some quiet and visual delight into  my world and I hope, yours.

My mediums are water colour and oils which are done with  multiple  layers  of  translucent  colour. The quality of the materials, the brush work and the clarity of the colours are my top priorities. My favourite themes  are landscapes, seascapes and still life.

I studied watercolour for 2 years at the Shajah  Fine Art Institute U.A.E. Apart from  that, I’m  a life  long learner.

John Singleton.jpg

John Singleton


I`m a local Wanganui artist that like many others, have been involved with art most of my life. I work with oils, using a glazing technique that lets colour work well in depicting light, especially when a translucent affect is required. 

People at work or play are subjects I enjoy painting, as are the street games of London where I was born. 

I have always been involved in the arts, painting in oils with people and everyday scenes being the main subjects. I use the slip cast moulding technique to produce glazed garden style wall art.

My paintings have found their way overseas to Canada and the United Kingdom and throughout New Zealand.

Marion GrinStead.jpg

Marion Grinstead


Ron Win.JPG

Ron Win

Jewellery Artist

I think of myself as a craft  aholic! As a teenager, I really wanted to become a jeweller but unfortunately in those days, girls were not able to get an apprenticeship. Not having female loos was their excuse. I became interested in glass after an accident which left me bed-bound for 6 weeks. I turned to youtube and got hooked on microwave kiln fusing. I bought all the things I needed and was eager to get going. My first attempt nearly resulted in a fire! I missed the tile to rest my hot kiln and burnt my brand new kitchen bench. I moved out to a shed and claimed it as my studio. It wasn't long before I had enough pendants and earrings for a market. So began my journey with glass. I now have a jewellery kiln and a larger one for bigger glass projects. I have done quite a few workshops with some pretty fantastic artists, and have just completed a master class with Morgan Maddison. I still enjoy making jewellery and love creating . Wishing Pip and Chloe the best in there new venture.

Lynda Nicholson.JPG

Lynda Nicholson


In my Art/Photography, I like to capture the beauty in nature, gardens, objects, and places.


Moving the image into artistic expression allows me to visually share what I experienced. Capturing the magic of the world around me.

I enjoy the special space the creative process takes me and through this allows me to share the experience with you through the image.


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